Work-related stress, family responsibilities, and financial burdens all play a role in health today. The effect of anxiety and stress on the body and brain is more apparent than ever. For women, physiological issues such as menstrual pain and perimenopause can also have a massive effect on overall well-being.

In some situations, alternative methods can help lessen the symptoms. From reducing symptoms of anxiety to helping enhance mood and relieve pain, drinking kava tea may be a great natural option. Let’s explore kava tea and how it might be beneficial for supporting women’s health.

A closer look at kava tea

Drinking kava is an ancient practice stemming from thousands of years ago in the South Pacific. The kava shrub—Piper methysticum—is found on island nations like Fiji, Vanuatu, Papua New Guinea, and the Solomon Islands. The roots of the shrub are ground up and steeped in hot water to create the kava drink or tea.

Traditionally, kava has been used by Pacific Islanders as a part of ceremonial or cultural practices to promote feelings of happiness and inner peace for the mind, body, and soul. Today, kava has gained popularity in the West—kava bars can be found dispersed throughout cities all over the States. These bars are typically dimly lit, calming environments where kava can be enjoyed amongst close friends.

How kava can benefit women’s health

Support during feelings of anxiousness and mood shifts

Women’s hormones generally cycle through every month or so. Throughout that hormonal cycle, mood fluctuations and feelings of anxiousness often arise. Anxiety can cause mental overwhelm and brain fog, headaches, trouble sleeping, and increased heart rate. While kava isn’t necessarily a cure for anxiety, it does have properties that can help reduce symptoms.

Kava is comprised of alkaloids that determine the most prevalent effects within a particular strain. Strains of kava where Dihydrokavain is the primary alkaloid offer sedative qualities to help promote mental and physical relaxation. This can, in many cases, be incredibly beneficial for someone experiencing symptoms of anxiety.

During women’s monthly hormonal cycles, it isn’t uncommon to experience feelings of sadness or overwhelm as hormones shift. When Kavain is the main alkaloid, kava can serve as a mood booster, offering feelings of happiness and euphoria to help support women during mood fluctuations.

Additionally, as women approach menopause and ovaries gradually stop working, a process called perimenopause takes place. This process can also create mood changes or cause feelings of anxiousness or depression. Research has shown that kava can be used to support women through this process by improving mood and reducing feelings of anxiousness.

Relief from menstrual cramping

Another effect of women’s monthly hormonal cycles is menstrual pain or cramping. For some women, this pain can be debilitating—making it difficult to function at all. Strains of kava where the most prevalent alkaloid is Methysticin can offer pain relief, which can be beneficial for women experiencing cramps.

Kava tea and women’s health

When anxiety or physical pain is weighing you down, life can feel incredibly challenging. Don’t be afraid to seek support. While it’s always a good idea to speak with a healthcare professional before making any major lifestyle changes, if you are looking for an alternative to pharmaceuticals consider incorporating high-quality, organically-grown kava into your routine.

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