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  1. Timothy (verified owner)

    Great kava and great team that distributes. Your kava sessions are that much better after the fantastic customer service. A kava staple for the Kava Snake !

    Vanuatu Vanuatu “Black Label” Kava

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  2. Timothy

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  3. Gregory Coxwell (verified owner)

    this lateral root kava is like 16% kavalactones, its strong in high doses plus it takes away anxiety and makes you feel good, you can strain in water with a cheese cloth bag or there are other options to make it with, just search the web

    Solomon Chief Solomon Chief “100% Lateral Root” Kava

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  4. Gregory Coxwell

    this is a great site to buy kava from, you wont find kava like this cheaper and the customer service is top notch

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  5. Braden M. (verified owner)

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