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Our online kava shop offers a wide variety of kava powder, extracts, and products from the South Pacific. We provide kava strains from the Solomon Islands, Papua New Guinea, Vanuatu, and Fiji for varying levels of euphoria and relaxation. Our kava extracts provide extra potency if you prefer a more concentrated kava beverage. Our instant kava will allow you to brew kava conveniently while also providing the same level of quality you expect from our traditional kava products. Our kava shop also offers kava drink mixes and kava gummies for you to enjoy at a moment’s notice, as well as coconut shell drinkware and Pacific Islander artwork. Browse our selection of products for sale in our kava shop.

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Testimonials from our customers


“I love this place! I’ve been drinking kava for years and I used to buy it online, so I was stoked to find a local distributor of ‘noble kava’, at affordable prices. The staff is wonderful, they always answer the phone and take a little time to know their customers. 10/10 would recommend.”

Nathaniel C. | 02/22/2024 – 5 stars review in Google


“The customer service from Kava Depot is some of the best I have ever experienced in the industry. Tony was incredibly helpful and informative and very quick to reply to my questions. I got the ceremonial, the premium chips and premium roots (planning to get the black label next). These are very high quality products. The strength is right up there with the best of all kavas. The effects were well balanced , leaning towards a very nice heavy feel. I also tried the Solomon chief which was also a top quality product. A bit headier perhaps but very well balanced as well.”

Dominic | 03/18/2024 – 5 stars review in Google


“We’ve been working with Kava Depot since 2016! The product quality and service is always top notch! Thanks Tony for everything”

Syndicate W. | 04/22/2023 – 5 stars review in Google

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