Anxiety can show up in people’s lives in many ways. For some, it may be subtle, while for others it can be debilitating. Experiencing anxiety occasionally isn’t uncommon—financial difficulties, work stress, or family problems may be a source of worry and fear. However, when anxiousness or feelings of dread become constant, it can have a negative impact on the way you live your life.

While there are many ways to help manage anxiety, the traditional plant, kava, could be a good option. Let’s dive a little deeper into what anxiety is and how kava can be used to help you manage some of its symptoms.

Understanding Anxiety

It can be normal for anxiety to arise in potentially stressful situations like giving a presentation or going to the doctor. When it becomes all-consuming, however, it can be difficult to move through everyday life. Irritability, trouble concentrating, difficulty falling asleep or staying asleep, and even physical pain like headaches and muscle aches can stem from anxiety. If these issues become present regularly for you, it can be helpful to explore ways to cope.

While it’s always a good idea to speak with a healthcare professional about what you’re experiencing, simple lifestyle shifts can have a positive effect on your mental health—from practicing yoga and meditating to eating more fruits and vegetables or avoiding alcohol. If you’re looking for additional support, using kava, a traditional South Pacific plant, could offer benefits.

What Is Kava?

Kava is a plant found on islands all over the South Pacific. The roots of the plant are ground up to make the kava drink, or tea, which has been used by Pacific Islanders for over 3,000 years in ritual and ceremonial practices promoting peace and happiness.

How Can Kava Help With Anxiety?

Though kava is not a cure for anxiety, the plant does have properties that can help manage some of the symptoms anxiety might create. Finding high-quality, organically grown kava is crucial for having the best experience possible with the plant.

There are many different varieties of kava as well, depending on where that specific plant is found. Each variety has its own unique characteristics—from promoting happiness, relaxation, and pain relief to stimulation or sedation.

Kava’s ability to promote relaxation can create a euphoric effect in your physical body. If you’re suffering from muscle aches and pains due to persistent anxiety, it could be a useful tool for helping you manage. Kava can have a calming effect on your mind as well, so if you struggle with racing thoughts or difficulty concentrating, drinking kava may provide some relief.

For those who have difficulty falling asleep at night, kava may be a great option for winding down at the end of the day. Some varieties of kava can offer such deep relaxation that it may also cause drowsiness. Because of this, it’s suggested that kava be sipped slowly and enjoyed as your last drink of the day.

It’s important to speak with a healthcare professional before making any major changes to your lifestyle, particularly if anxiety is something you experience constantly. While there are many ways to help alleviate symptoms that stem from anxiety, drinking kava can be a great option for natural support.

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