Gathering together and socializing with loved ones is one of the best things about enjoying kava tea. For thousands of years, kava has been used in traditional ceremonies throughout the South Pacific, bringing people together and promoting feelings of inner peace, happiness, and connection.

More recently, kava bars have started popping up all over the world, introducing even more people to the plant that’s fostered connection among Pacific Islanders for so many years. If you’re hoping to create that same sense of community in your own life, hosting a kava tasting event can be a great option.

Consider the type of event you want to host

When you decide to host a kava tasting, consider what type of event you want it to be. While it can revolve around an overarching event—like a birthday or holiday—there doesn’t necessarily need to be something specific that you plan your kava party around. You might simply let your kava tasting event be a small gathering with close friends or family members. Start by asking yourself how you want the event to feel.


Choosing a variety of kava

Different varieties of kava have their own unique properties and effects. The variety of kava you choose to serve at your event will likely depend on what the vibe will be for the evening. Some strains of kava offer more of an elevated and happy mood, while others primarily promote feelings of relaxation and sedation. For socialization and gathering with loved ones, varieties of kava that uplift the environment could be a better option.

Preparing your kava

There are a couple of different ways you can prepare your kava for a tasting event. The blender method is relatively quick and easy—simply add your kava and hot water into a blender for 2 to 3 minutes.

The traditional method of preparing kava tea, however, could be a fun way for your guests to get involved with the process. You and your guests can add your measured kava into a strainer bag, place the bag into a bowl, and pour hot water into the strainer bag—be careful of the temperature! Let it steep for 5 to 10 minutes, and then knead your kava for another 10 to 15 minutes.

Creating a comfortable space for your guests

Creating a comfortable and cozy atmosphere for your guests is important when planning a kava tasting event. Kava is best enjoyed in a calm and dimly lit environment rather than a loud, brightly lit room. Lots of comfy seating, big pillows on the floor, and lights turned down low can help create a welcoming space for your guests to socialize and enjoy their kava.

Keep in mind that because kava can cause drowsiness, it’s a good idea not to drive after enjoying the drink. You might either have a place for your guests to stay, or make sure they’re prepared to get a safe ride home from the gathering so that they can fully enjoy the tasting.

When hosting your kava tasting event, remember that the most important part is relaxing and spending time with your guests!

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