Cyclone Harold has devastated the Northern Islands of Vanuatu .  Medical Santo  is  located in Luganville on the Island of Santo right in the centre of the destruction and is providing  emergency medical aid to those affected by this disaster.   Medical Santo desperately needs funds to provide this vital medical service and also to assist with providing meals, accomodation and support  to affected families.  This disaster has put enormous strain on Vanuatu Government Medical and support services and the medical and emergency health response from Charities such as Medical Santo is absolutely vital in treating injuries,  ensuring ongoing treatment of acute and chronic conditions and providing support for families affected by the disaster.  Medical Santo puts a particular focus on the needs of disabled people which becomes even more important at times such as this .

Your donations will go 100% to Medical Santo and be used solely for medical supplies and directly supporting families in need of food, sanitary goods and  to make emergency repairs to homes.  None of your donations will be used for salaries, repairs to Medical Santo infrastructure or the general running expenses of the clinic or to cover any of our overheads.   Work is initially focussed in Luganville and as soon as travel is possible and safe will move out to remote areas.