Written By: Tiphaine Olivier

November, 22, 2020

What is a Kava Bar?

Kava and Kava bars (traditionally called NAkamals in Vanuatu) have a complex and unique history. The kava bars of today are continuing this history by introducing this alternative natural drink, and its benefits to the rest of the world. There are countless stories of transformation from those who have been touched by this heart-shaped plant.

Kava bars all over North America can be described in one word; DIVERSE. When going to your first kava bar you should know that many are cultural melting pots. A place where people from all walks of life come together to share stories, relax, and socialize in a safe environment. For example, one kava bar I’ve been to had patrons that were; military men, hippies, EDM lovers, country and city folk, science specialists, and the surfer/skate crews. All of different ages, races, sex, and gender. The best kava bars will provide a positive environment for all their customers, both the locals and the visitors. Many newcomers become regulars creating a tribe amongst other kava bar lovers. You could be the shyest person and you’ll leave with at least one friend.

Kava Bars have become more than just a bar or a coffee/tea house, they’ve become the second living room for many people.

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